Customers service

The priority of our shenyuan staff is: - to meet the needs of our customers - every day!
Start with our sales through your own personal sales representatives. Low staff turnover is the basis of good customer relations, delivery, third-party logistics diversity of choice -- our experienced team hand in hand work will provide you with excellent service.


Shenyuan represents consistently high quality service and products. The long-term loyalty of customers to shenyuan is a favorable testimony to shenyuan's products and customer service. We keep our promises.

One-on-one individual customer service

Our experienced sales representatives will always be ready to answer and meet your personalized needs. Although our products are comprehensive and well stocked, what if the products you need are out of stock? For your urgent order, we will provide you with fast lead time. If there are special applications, we offer you a package solution. We can offer a separate quotation according to different cable structures and provide a customized quotation. Even small quantities can be ordered.

Delivery service

Spot products are usually delivered immediately after ordering on the same day. We provide customers with fast delivery time by air, land and other transportation modes.
Value-added service: we also provide customers with processing terminal, cutting line, all kinds of packaging can meet.

Special pick-up service

When you plan to place a package purchase order, we will plan the order for you in the future, you can lock the price range to pick up the goods in batches, you can use up the inventory according to your needs.

Your advantages:

All your products are in stock

You don't need to stock up

Shenyuan will pay for your monthly purchase amount in advance