Silicone rubber Insulated Wire 200℃

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shenyuan silicone rubber with the most commonly used silicone rubber, methyl vinyl silicone rubber, according to the manufacturing process is divided into precipitation and fumed silicone rubber silicone rubber, silicone rubber Shen titration electrical properties, physical properties are relatively poor, fumed silicone rubber the electrical properties of silicone rubber physical properties much better than precipitated, for the production of high-voltage electric wire, high strength wire.


Excellent environmental protection, odorless and non-toxic,

Excellent antithrombotic and biological inertia

Excellent electrical insulation properties

Flame retardant grade: UL1581 (FT2)


Silicone rubber can be used to make TV lead wires, H-class motor lead wires, wires and cables for starting cranes, marine power cables and control cables, wires for high-altitude aircraft, wires and cables for nuclear power industry and spacecraft, overvoltage protectors, high voltage Wires etc.