AF-250 PFA wire

Short Description:

▪Temperature range:-80~250℃
▪Conductor:Silver or nickel plated copper.
▪36AWG~1/0AWG,stranded or solid.
▪Rated voltage:600V
▪Compliance UL file E252215

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General Introduction 


Shanghai Shenyuan Hi-temp Wire Co.,Ltd is a well experienced PFA insulated wire supplier. Since 1997 we've been producing a wide variety of PFA wires, Including our Own model AF 250 and UL approved FEP wires as following:

UL1707 UL1708

UL1709 UL1726 UL1710 UL1716 UL1727

UL1857 UL1860 UL1858 UL1859 UL1882

UL1929 UL1930 UL1933 UL10110

UL10129 UL10362 UL10485

UL10486 UL10503 UL10142

 Our PFA wires can meet you 99% requirements!


Our Model: AF250 

PFA insulated wire

AF250 is a ideal choice for the customers who dont need any UL certificate ,you can select AF250 PFA wires with the cross section: 0.05mm2 to 60 mm2 (AWG 10 to AWG 36) and the different sorts of conductor materials such as :Tinned copper, Nickel plated copper ,Silver plated copper


Main Advantages

Tinned copper good for welding

If you have welding requirement on wires connection,Tinned Copper is our

stronger recommendation!

Minimum diameter

we can make its minimum outer diameter into 0.3mm with conductor stranding 1/0.12

Maximum diameter

we can make its maximum outer diameter of 12.8mm with maximum cross section of 60mm2.

Saved your purchasing cost

We produce the PFA wires in mass production with the MAX Annual Capacity of 150,000 ,000 meters thanks to our 36 sets of the extruding equips,which makes our price much better in the international market,the competitive price help you to save as much as 70% purchasing cost!

You can choose us as your trustable OEM manufacturer in China!



PFA Wires Manufacture Process


Stranding the conductors


Hot extruding process




Inspecting wires 

Technical data of AF250


After twenty years development, the group holds two industrial parks in Shanghai, areas where the economy has been greatly developed, covering a total land area of 20 thousand square meters. Shenyuan has serviced to 15000 customers,focus on providing customers with comprehensive solutions.


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