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▪0.5mm²~240mm²,stranded or solid
▪Conductor: Copper or Tin plated copper
▪Insulation:Silicone Rubber
▪Temperature range:-60~180℃
▪Rated voltage:500V、1000V

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General Introduction Of "JG" Motor lead Wire 


Shanghai Shenyuan Hi-temp Wire Co.,Ltd is a well experienced Silicone rubber wire supplier. Since 1997 we've been producing a wide variety of Silicone rubber wires, Own model JG to UL approved silicone rubber wires as following:

UL3132 UL3135 UL3140

UL3142 UL3529 UL3530


Our model: JG motor leading lines (Silicone rubber wire )

We have developed the JG Series Silicone rubber wire which specifically used in the industry of motor leading lines ,it has two voltages : 500 V and 1000 V.

You can select Its cross section: 0.5mm2 to 240 mm2.

Two optional sorts of conductor materials : Bare copper and Tinned copper.

Outer diameter is : 0.90 mm to 23.0 mm. 


The Production standards comply with ISO 6722; QC/T 1037; LV 216 etc.

LV 216 specifies cable design, dimensions, etc
Customer requirements for the basic properties of silicone rubber: Tensile strength > 8 MPa Elongation > 300% Hardness 55-70 ShA
Class E(180 ° C hybrid) and Class F(200 ° C) require silicone rubber
Class E
Tear Strength ISO 34-1 B > 15 N/mm
Long-term aging of cable 180℃*3000 hours
Class F
Long-term aging of cable 200℃*3000 hours
Tear Strength ISO 34-1 B > 10 N/mm

JG wire

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After twenty years development, the group holds two industrial parks in Shanghai, areas where the economy has been greatly developed, covering a total land area of 20 thousand square meters. Shenyuan has serviced to 15000 customers,focus on providing customers with comprehensive solutions.


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