API350(Polyimide Wires Series)

Short Description:

▪AWG Size: 30AWG~12AWG,stranded or solid conductor
▪Conductor:Nickel plated copper
▪Insulation:Polyimide tape
▪Temperature range:-80~250℃(300℃ for short time)
▪Rated voltage:600V

Product Detail


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▪ Select the Model API350-Ni according to your order

▪ -Ni: Nickel plated copper conductor

▪ Colour: Bright brown



▪ RoHS Compliant

▪ Polyimide doesn’t contain any halogen chemicals compared to the traditional fluoroplastics.

▪ Flame retardant grade: UL1581 (VW-1),IEC 60332-1-2

▪ Perfect mechanical and chemical properties

▪ Polyimide wire has better radiation resistances.There is no obvious changes in tensile strength and elongation when being exposed in the stronger irradiation rays.

▪ Better resistance to oil,strong acids, strong alkalis and strong oxidants, etc.

▪ Nonflammable.


The products are widely used in electrical wiring harnesses, sensing wires, PTC thermistors, coating equipment, automotive internal connection wires, motors, electronic appliances, aerospace wires and Specific purpose installation wires, oil pump cables, and submersible motor winding wires.

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