Thermocouple High Temperature compensation Cable 1000℃

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Compensation wire for thermocouple is a pair of insulated wires with the same nominal value of the thermoelectromotive force of the matched thermocouple within a certain temperature range (including normal temperature). They are used to connect the thermocouple and the measuring device. in error compensation thereof with the thermocouple junction temperature variations generated. There are two types: extended type and compensation type.



Insulation: PVC /FEP/PFA/PTFE/Silicone rubber/Glass fibers

Jacket: PVC /FEP/PFA/Silicone rubber/Fiberglass/TPU

Shield: Tinned copper wire /galvanized steel wire/aluminum-plastic composite tape


Used in metallurgy,chemical industry,petroleum,power generation,defense and scientific research,and cables for connection between thermocouples and temperature display instrument.