Polyimide Wires 300℃

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Polyimide (Polyimide, sometimes abbreviated as PI) refers to a type of polymer containing imide ring (-CO-N-CO-) in the main chain, and is one of the organic polymer materials with the best overall performance. Its high temperature resistance can reach above 400°C, long-term use temperature range -200300°C, some have no obvious melting point, high insulation performance, dielectric constant 4.0 at 103 Hz, dielectric loss only 0.0040.007, it belongs to F to H class insulation.


Radiation resistances


Strong alkalis and strong oxidants.


widely used in electrical wiring harnesses, sensing wires, PTC thermistors, coating equipment, automotive internal connection wires, motors, electronic appliances, aerospace wires and Specific purpose installation wires, oil pump cables, and submersible motor winding wires.