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We would like to suggest correct and compatible wire and cable to our customers being from Sensor industry.

1. Temperature Sensor  

----Our recommended model:AFPF ;YGZF;YGZPF;AF200-K2/AF200-K3 

----Our recommended Certificated UL wire : UL1213;UL1332 

2. Pressure Sensor----Our recommended model:YGZF;YGZPF;AGR

3. Thermal Fuse

----Our recommended Certificated UL wire : UL1332;UL10393

----Our recommended model:AF200-K2/AF200-K3 

4. Temperature Switch; Thermal Protector

-----Our recommended Certificated UL wire :UL1332;UL1213;UL3135;UL3132

-----Our recommended model:AF200-K2/AF200-K3 

5. ABS Sensor----Our recommended model:PUF 

6. Wheel Speed Sensor----Our recommended wire and cable:ETFE+XLPE 

7. Crankshaft Sensor----Our recommended wire and cable:XLPE

8. Nitrogen and Oxygen Sensors;Exhaust Gas Sensors----Our recommended model:YGZF-N 

9. Oxygen Sensor----Our recommended model:AFT250-N

10. .Brake Alarm Sensor----Our recommended model:AFFPUF