What is the way out for Chinese manufacturers

It is a reflection of the unprecedented pain and uncertainty some Chinese companies have experienced, with the former being the tiger masters of the developed world and the latter the fierce pursuers of the emerging countries with cheap labor.

Faced with severe challenges, some enterprises are dishearted and regard their old industries as sunset industries. They want to try their luck in strange battlefields or put their solutions on such golden concepts as Internet economy, intelligent hardware, 3D printing and robots.

Has the real economy really been defeated?

How can Chinese companies rise further?

Why does China win the global competition?

Yili group chairman pan gang gave a strong answer: “rely on quality!”

“Chinese enterprises want to win international competition, there is no other shortcut, the most fundamental is two words: quality! Quality brands, quality products and quality employees!”

“Without quality, to say anything else, is empty talk, fantasy!”

(a)The truth is the most simple, but, the more simple plain truth, often more difficult to be known!

In fact, from a certain sense, there is no sunset industry in the world, only sunset enterprises, declining brands, low quality products. There is no sunrise industry in the world, only enterprises that make progress, touching products and high-quality employees!

Apple left jobs, nearly went bankrupt, and when jobs came back, apple went from strength to strength.

Japan airlines once filed for bankruptcy protection. However, when kazuo inamori came out as chairman of jal in 2010, jal emerged from bankruptcy in just one year and achieved three firs: first in profit, first in punctuality and first in service.

Steve jobs is an entrepreneur with a spirit of quality. The most important part of his business philosophy is: don’t compromise on quality! He said: only the artistic sense of products and quality has been maintained, can sleep at ease.

Kazuo inamori, Japan’s “running saint” who founded two of the world’s 500 biggest companies, once said: “an entrepreneur should look at a product with a magnifying glass in his hand like a craftsman, and listen to the ‘cry’ of the product with his ears.”

Than jobs and kazuo inamori, those who are always complaining about stand next tuyere Chinese entrepreneurs, and several people can be heavy, like take care of your eyes, take care of the quality of the products, are willing to chew through a product, day after day, until can hear the product that the subtle breath, laughter, and “cry”?

For example, if you make a rice cooker, can you make the rice crystal clear like jade?

As a hair dryer, can you let the wind blow quietly, leaving your hair dry and smooth, and making you feel comfortable to close your eyes?

Can you make a thermos cup that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical, with each traveler touching the rim after drinking hot water in the snow?

If you do that, it’s never too late to talk about sunset industries! See, how many Chinese run to Japan to buy those Japanese production toilet lid, faucet, hair dryer, electric cooker, kitchen knife, emergency clothing… In the final analysis, many of our enterprises have not yet qualified product quality, or have not formed a trusted and proud of the brand!

Hesitating entrepreneurs, cheer up, the first to run abroad to buy buy consumers, stay in domestic consumption! 

(2)This is an impetuous time.

In the big impetuous atmosphere, many Chinese enterprises are too eager for quick success and instant benefit, too many shoddy products, and do not show ingenuity, let a person reluctantly put down quality goods are rare. However, lack of focus, patience and quality pursuit is exactly the root cause of many Chinese enterprises’ subsequent weakness and difficulties.

Times are changing, but the demand for product quality will not change, and will be more intense! The number of middle class in China has exceeded 100 million, which indicates that China has gradually entered into a rich society. China is running into the fifth stage of rostow’s economic growth. In such a society, people need more diversified, distinctive and high-quality products and services after having enough to eat and drink.

Today’s China, not without demand, but our demand, is increasingly targeting high-quality products that cannot be supplied at home.

China’s so-called overcapacity is structural overcapacity. Surplus of low quality products, we do not need; But we need high quality products, but often can not produce at home.

Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that a large number of consumer goods are imported, and even residents spend 1.5 trillion yuan a year abroad.

Therefore, it has become an irresistible trend to build quality enterprises, break through the last kilometer of Chinese manufacturing and completely realize the breakthrough from quantity to quality. If we used to rely on labor advantages, we can barely get by, with the changes of The Times, if we still do not cultivate the “spirit of quality”, not only can not become a “manufacturing power”, and even “manufacturing power” will be expelled!

Only when Chinese enterprises become synonymous with “quality enterprises” both at home and abroad, can “made in China” obtain new “killer mace”.

First, quality!

Second, quality!

Third, quality!

Post time: May-25-2020